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  The Issue

The RSPCA strongly opposes jumps racing. Horses are subjected to a dangerous sport where they are required to jump over many fences at speed, while running long distances. As a result, jumps horses are highly susceptible to horrific falls, injuries and death.




Illogical races

Jumps have proven to be deadly for horses and dangerous for jockeys. Horses need to clear obstacles at least a metre high, in a pack, at speed, and over long distances.

Odds-on suffering

Jumps race injuries cause considerable pain and stress to the horse. Sometimes injuries can be so severe the horse will either die or require euthanasia.

Jumps will never be safe

Despite modifications to jumps and efforts to make racing safer, horses have continued to die. The RSPCA believes the time has come for jumps racing to stop.

Jumps racing deaths in Victoria and South Australia since 2009

Year Victoria South Australia Total
2009 10 3 13
2010 3 2 5
2011 6 5 11
2012 3 3 6
2013 4 0 4
2014 4 1 5
2015 4 1 5
2016 4 0 4
2017 3 2 5
2018 7 1 8
Total 48 18 66

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