Dog Boarding

Dog Boarding

Barkingham Palace Hobart and Devonport

Dog boarding at RSPCA Hobart and Devonport Animal Care Centres benefits all our shelter animals by providing us with a source of income that will be put directly back into the Centres to enable us to provide our welfare animals with better facilities and every dog boarding fee will directly benefit all our current and future welfare animals. 


Veterinarian on staff or on standby

Qualified, experienced and caring staff

Dog exercise yards – communal or separate

Heated kennel area

Plenty of attention and love

We can cater for your dog’s individual requirements, including  dietary or  medication needs


C5 vaccination is required for all boarding dogs.

Vaccinations must be current and administered at least 10 days prior to the commencement of boarding. Vaccination certificates must be shown at the time of the dog entering Barkingham Palace.

Boarding may not be available at all times as our animals in care will always be a priority. This is especially true during peak periods when the number of surrendered animals and Inspectorate animals rises.


For tariffs and bookings please contact the relevant Animal Care Centre by clicking on the Contact Us button.