Injured Animals

Injured Animals

It is important for all animals to receive the appropriate medical care and attention they need when injured.

Injured pets

If your pet becomes injured or unwell, please contact your nearest veterinarian or RSPCA shelter to gain medical treatment or advice.

Injured wildlife

If you find an orphaned, sick or injured native animal, contact your nearest veterinarian, local RSPCA or wildlife carer organisation as soon as possible, so it may receive the appropriate treatment.
For details on who to contact, visit our contact page.


Tips on helping injured wildlife:

  • Wild animals become stressed by handling, so you should seek expert advice before handling an injured animal.
  • Try to minimise the amount of exposure the injured animal has to people and loud noises.
  • Do not attempt to feed or treat the animal unless you have specialist knowledge or training.
  • Check for dead animals, as they may have surviving young with them (e.g. in a pouch) or near them.
  • Avoid injuries to wildlife by being a responsible owner and preventing your pets from being able to harm wildlife.

More information is available in our online Knowledge Base